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What is your correct filing status?

By Peoples Tax | February 12, 2020
Choosing the correct filing status is a little more involved than most people think, and your filing status can change in any given year. In order to choose the correct filing status, it’s important to understand all of them. First, what is the purpose of a filing status? Your…
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IRS Installment Payments

By Peoples Tax | November 21, 2019
Our income tax system is designed to be “pay as you go,” which means that citizens are expected to pay taxes when the income is earned.   Most taxpayers follow the plan and have taxes withheld from their paychecks or make quarterly estimated payments.  Many of these taxpayers have deposited more…
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Innocent Spouse Relief

By Peoples Tax | October 31, 2019
When taxpayers file Married Filing Jointly, they both enjoy all the benefits this filing status allows, but they are also both liable for any tax, interest or penalty that is owed on the tax return.  If taxpayers file jointly and later divorce, they are each legally responsible for the entire…
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Injured Spouse Tax Issue

By Peoples Tax | October 24, 2019
Here’s the scenario: You and your spouse filed Married Filing Jointly on your tax return. You are waiting for your tax refund. Instead, you receive a letter explaining that your refund will be used to pay an outstanding debt.  The refund will be used to pay a past-due debt owed…
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