Signs It’s Time To Call a Bookkeeper

By Peoples Tax | July 27, 2017
Posted in: Small Business Tax
It’s natural for business owners to want to be in charge and “handle” everything on their own. It’s all part of taking ownership of the business you’ve built and are proud of. But just because you’re a business owner does not mean you should be handling your books.
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What to Expect When You Are Extending

By Peoples Tax | April 17, 2017
Posted in: Tax Tips
Caution, late filers!  If you’re one of the 40 million taxpayers that have yet to file their taxes, or will file late, the good news is that you can file an extension, but the bad news is that extensions do not prevent you…
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5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

By Peoples Tax | April 13, 2017
Posted in: Individual Tax
It’s getting down to the wire. Are you anticipating a big refund? Have you decided how to spend it? According to a report by Bankrate, 6% of taxpayers will spend their refund on a vacation or…
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Hey Richmond! Have Tax Questions? Ask Us!

By Peoples Tax | April 7, 2017
Posted in: Tax Tips
Unless you’re a professional tax preparer, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated when it comes to filing taxes. Tax preparers take courses and spend a considerable amount of time studying the tax law. They prepare taxes for a living and have experience performing tax preparations for…
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What is an Enrolled Agent and Why Is It Important?

By Peoples Tax | March 30, 2017
Posted in: Tax Tips
Have you ever noticed that some tax preparers have the designation EA next to their title? EA stands for Enrolled Agent, the highest designation a tax professional can have. EAs go through rigorous coursework and testing in order to obtain and retain their status. A status that…
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Signs It’s Time to Call a Professional Tax Preparer

By Peoples Tax | March 24, 2017
Posted in: Tax Tips
Tax season is not an exciting time for most people (unless you’re expecting a large tax refund). It can be stressful trying to get all of your paperwork in order and even more stressful if you plan to self prepare. If you’re not sure whether you should…
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Important Deadlines for the 2017 Tax Season

By Peoples Tax | March 10, 2017
Posted in: Tax Tips
There are a lot of dates on the IRS Federal Tax Calendar, but the most important one is the individual tax return deadline on April 18th. Can’t mark that date, you’ll have to file an extension by that date. The…
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Filing Taxes When You’re Self Employed

By Peoples Tax | March 2, 2017
Posted in: Small Business Tax
Being self employed is great. You get to set your own hours and be your own boss. And with the booming gig economy, it’s no wonder that now more than ever, people are self-employed, as 1 in 3 Americans earn some form of freelance income. But being…
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