Tax Breaks for Fostering Pets

By Peoples Tax | August 21, 2014
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Some expenses may be deductible A landmark court case ruled in favor of Jan Van Dusen against the IRS. Van Dusen claimed many deductions on her 2004 tax return for expenditures she had for 70 stray and feral cats she had fostered, as part of her volunteer…
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Tips for Taxpayers, Victims about Identity Theft and Tax

By Cathy Mueller | August 6, 2014
Posted in: Tax Tips
Learn how to protect yourself… Taxpayers can encounter identity theft involving their tax returns in several ways. One instance is where identity thieves try filing fraudulent refund claims using another person’s identifying information, which has been stolen and their refunds are delayed. Here are some tips to protect…
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Tips on Tips

By Cathy Mueller | July 24, 2014
Posted in: Tax Tips
Are you reporting yours? While tipping is not mandatory in most of the U.S., it is often expected in many circumstances when services are provided. The tip income from services—whether cash or included in a charge—is taxable income. As taxable income, these tips are subject to federal income,…
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4 Things You Should Know if You Barter

By Cathy Mueller | July 10, 2014
Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another. Often there is no exchange of cash. Small businesses sometimes barter to get products or services they need. For example, a plumber might trade plumbing work with a dentist for dental services. If you own a business, to…
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5 Facts about Unemployment Benefits

By Cathy Mueller | June 30, 2014
You may be able to get unemployment benefits… If you lose your job or your employer lays you off, you may be able to get unemployment benefits. The payments may be a welcomed relief. But you should know that they’re taxable. Here are five important facts from the…
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IRS Adopts “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

By Chuck McCabe | June 19, 2014
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IRS News Release: IRS Adopts “Taxpayer Bill of Rights;” 10 Provisions to be Highlighted on, in Publication 1 IR-2014-72, June 10, 2014 WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service today announced the adoption of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” that…
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Boost Your Retirement Savings with a Tax Credit

By Cathy Mueller | June 5, 2014
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Are you reporting yours? If you contribute to a retirement plan, like a 401(k) or an IRA, you may be eligible for the Saver’s Credit. The Saver’s Credit can help you save for retirement and reduce the tax you owe. Here are five facts from the IRS that you should…
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10 Facts about Capital Gains and Losses

By Cathy Mueller | May 21, 2014
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Learn how to determine if you should… When you sell a ’capital asset,’ the sale usually results in a capital gain or loss. A ‘capital asset’ includes most property you own and use for personal or investment purposes. Here are 10 facts from the IRS on capital gains and losses:…
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Eight Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

By Chuck McCabe | April 12, 2014
Posted in: Tax Tips
Errors that can cause delays… We all make mistakes. But if you make a mistake on your tax return, the IRS may need to contact you to correct it. That will delay your refund. You can avoid most tax return errors by using IRS e-file. People who do their taxes…
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