The 3 Most Suitable Second Careers for Seniors Who Still Want to Work

By Peoples Tax | April 27, 2020
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The following is a guest blog post by Sharon Wagner at

Many retirees decide to continue working, whether for financial or personal reasons. While continuing in the same career is one option, some seniors are looking for more flexible opportunities that still allow them to enjoy retirement. With that in mind, here are three of the best options for seniors seeking second careers.

Becoming an Insurance Agent Is Ideal for Sociable Seniors

Selling insurance part-time can be a fulfilling and lucrative way to spend your retirement. Especially for those with a background in sales. Some insurance agents work remotely from home, while others work in offices near home.

Seniors who have the travel bug can also work from anywhere in the world if they have the appropriate equipment and a reliable internet connection. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, 12 percent of insurance agents are self-employed, meaning they maintain a client roster independently — and shape their business the way they want.

Working in insurance sales, you can make your own schedule and spend time helping others while earning an income. Plus, chances are you already know seniors who would be interested in purchasing an insurance policy. You can get started on this new path by researching insurance options for older adults and learning more about insurance overall.

A Second Career as a Tax Preparer Is an Excellent Option

A shortage of qualified tax preparers means that now is an excellent time to enter the industry. Applicants with certificates or degrees are currently in high demand, which means pursuing your formal education in tax prep is ideal.

You can learn the ins and outs of tax preparation with The Income Tax School and be prepared for the next tax season. After earning your education, you’ll need to register with the IRS and receive an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number. As the IRS explains, higher-level professionals can represent clients in tax matters and must be enrolled agents, certified public accountants, or attorneys who specialize in tax law.

Tax preparers also enjoy scheduling flexibility, with many working remotely or on varied shifts. Slower seasons mean you have extra time off, while the busy season (around April’s tax filing date) can provide an income boost. That said, if you want to stay busy year-round, there are other tax deadlines that clients need help meeting, too.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent Is Accessible for All Ages

Real estate is another industry that welcomes seniors with open arms. To become a real estate agent in any state, you’ll need to take continuing education courses, notes Investopedia. However, most courses are available online, making it easy to complete the requirements.

Once you receive your real estate license, you can begin working for a company or broker. Flexible scheduling and varied shifts are highlights of real estate careers. Plus, special programs that cater to senior homebuyers means there is an increase in older adults are purchasing homes.

While any skilled real estate agent can work with any client, many seniors prefer to partner with someone who understands their life experiences and challenges better. In that case, you may have many clients who are near your age and value your expertise.

If you become a Realtor, you can even earn a specialized certification that addresses senior housing concerns. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) credential requires that you take a course, pass a test, and maintain relevant professional affiliations.

Once you learn about the unique opportunities and challenges faced by senior homebuyers, you’ll be better equipped to excel as a real estate agent. You may also decide to work independently, continuing your education to become a broker.

The best jobs for seniors are flexible, lucrative, and rewarding. Becoming an insurance agent, tax preparer, or real estate agent means helping others while enjoying your retirement. It can also mean more disposable income to rely on throughout your golden years.

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