Choose Your Own Adventure This Tax Season

By Peoples Tax | March 8, 2018

A colleague recently pointed out that you can actually purchase a surgical bone saw on Amazon. The kind a surgeon would use in a surgery – of a human person. Crazy right?


Other things you can purchase on Amazon:

  • Professional shears
  • Professional grade hair dye
  • Plumbing materials

Just because these tools of the trade are available to purchase does not mean that untrained members of the general public should purchase and begin using.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

You wouldn’t want to perform your own surgery would you?

Or cut your own hair?

How about tear apart your house trying to fix your own plumbing?

The same can be said about taxes. Just because you can buy tax software, doesn’t mean you should prepare your own taxes. There’s a lot more involved than just setting it up and going through the questions.

As easy as these software companies make it sound, it is just not a replacement for tax knowledge. You need to know how to answer the questions and the exceptions to the laws.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Thinking about preparing your own taxes with tax software because it seems like the easy, affordable way? Here’s a choose your own adventure for you.

Purchase tax software →  File your taxes → Mess up → Get in trouble with the IRS → End up owing money →  🙁

#CallPeoples → Have your tax return prepared by a professional → Save time → Pay the least amount of tax liability → Be in prepared, and in a good situation when the new tax law goes into effect next year → 🙂

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